The Complete Search Engine Optimization Method

Helps you to get your website on Google's first result page. The Book covers the following SEO fields:

  • Website Creation & Setup
  • WordPress SEO Setup
  • Perfect Post Creation
  • Perfect Page Creation
  • Perfect Article Creation
  • Link Building Optimization
  • Keywords Research Technique
  • H1-H6 Headlines Importance
  • Panda & Penguin Compatible
  • Meta, Post and Image Tags
  • First Sentence Tune-up
  • Same Domain Anchor Text
  • Same Domain Link URLs
  • Top Domain & Url Optimization
  • Site Wide SEO Optimization
  • Website Speed Improvement
  • Content Management Coaching
  • Website Speed Caching
  • Content Speed Tunning
  • Site Wide Meta Desciptions
  • Cloud & CDN Content Hosting
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Auto Posting to Social Media
  • Number of Keywords Density

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On Page SEO Made Easy

Do it your self search engine optimization


Rank #1 on Google Made Easy

SEO How to

All guidelines are given in illustrated, step-by-step chapters, easy to understand and apply.Professional techniques, tips and tricks gathered through years of research, nowhere else to be found all in one book. Follow the detailed search engine optimization guidelines and watch your website climb up the first page of Google SERP in no time. The main purpose of this SEO eBook is to teach you how to create a Google friendly website and how to operate it in order to achieve the best possible position on the search results page of Google.

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A method made from success

SEO Tutorial

So, you have figured out that you need an Search Engine Optimized Website. These days it is quite easy to create a website, through which you can sell your products / services locally or worldwide or even if you want to share your thoughts with the rest of the world, but how easy is it for everyone else to find you through Google? Using the right search engine optimization techniques from the beginning is very important. In this eBook you will learn techniques that Google kept hidden from us for years. This eBook is an out of the box solution for end users and web developers.

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Read, Learn, Rank First

Wordpress Book

The purpose of "SEO Master Using the Power of WordPress" Book is to provide a complete tutorial about Google indexing technology. By applying these proven search engine optimization techniques, you will gain high ranking, more traffic and increased sales. It will give you a boost against your competitors in the Google search engine. Don't forget that internet is an extremely competitive market place, so by ranking well in the searches, your customers can find and buy your products / services with just a couple of clicks.

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Do You Need Professional SEO Services ?

Hire a Professional. Select the SEO Services package best suits you!

Everyone knows how crucial backlinks are for search engine optimization and also how difficult it can be to manually create your backlinks. So Leave Off Page SEO link building to us. Never before has there been an SEO Service that combines social bookmarking, social signals, forum profiles, press release submission, keyword oriented article writing and blog comment backlinks, until now. Using SEO Master WordPress Services you can relax and leave all the hard work to us which is to create real do follow links in daily bases.

The Complete Inbound SEO Plan

SEO Services Link Building
  • BRONZE SEO $295.00/mo.
    • 10 Keywords
    • 6 Months Time Frame
    • 3900+ Total External Links
    • 300 Social Votes
    Preliminary SEO Check
    • Detailed SEO Plan
    • On-Site Changes Suggestions
    Off – Page SEO
    • 50 Directory Submissions
    • 1 Article Creation
    • 50 Article Submissions
    • 1 Keyword Oriented Article Writing
    • 50 Submissions of Articles
  • SILVER SEO $495.00/mo.
    • 15 Keywords
    • 6 Months Time Frame
    • 6000+ Total External Links
    • 600 Social Votes
    Preliminary SEO Check
    • Detailed SEO Strategy and Plan
    • On-Site Changes Suggestions
    Off – Page SEO
    • 75 Directory Submissions
    • 1 Article Creation
    • 75 Article Submissions
    • 1 Keyword Oriented Article Writing
    • 75 Submissions of Articles
  • GOLD SEO $695.00/mo.
    • 20 Keywords
    • 6 Months Time Frame
    • 8160+ Total External Links
    • 1500 Social Votes
    Preliminary SEO Check
    • Detailed SEO Strategy and Plan
    • On-Site Changes Suggestions
    Off – Page SEO
    • 100 Directory Submissions
    • 3 Article Creation
    • 100 Article Submissions
    • 1 Keyword Oriented Article Writing
    • 100 Submissions of Articles
  • TITANIUM SEO $1395.00/mo.
    • 30 Keywords
    • 6 Months Time Frame
    • 16080+ Total External Links
    • 3000 Social Votes
    Preliminary SEO Check
    • Detailed SEO Strategy and Plan
    • On-Site Changes Suggestions
    Off – Page SEO
    • 200 Directory Submissions
    • 6 Article Creation
    • 200 Article Submissions
    • 3 Keyword Oriented Article Writing
    • 200 Submissions of Articles

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The general idea behind the book

Mike has a business and he need a high traffic website to sell his product. But he doesn’t know how to build a website and for most how to rank high on Google’s search result page. "SEO Master Using the Power of WordPress" is the right tool for Search Engine Optimization.


SEO Master Using the Power of WordPress

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The ultimate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide using the Power of WordPress. Mastering search engine optimization is one of the hottest topics of the digital age. Ranking on the first results page of Google has never been easier. In just a few weeks you will see your website ranking higher and higher on Google. Covers everything, from basic to more advanced SEO topics. There is no need to know any programming languages, such as PHP, JAVA, CSS or HTML. Programming knowledge is not necessary. The book starts with the basics, walking you through the process of setting up WordPress the SEO way then stepping you though the creation of your search engine optimized website. You will advance from there, mastering all those techniques that will force your website to rank on the first results page of Google, such as Tiles, Tags, Content, Keywords, Page Speed, Page Caching, Meta, Alt Tags, Slugs, CDN, Social Media and so much more. You will master all these SEO techniques used by the most popular websites on the internet. Available in PDF & ePub format for PC, iPhone, iPad and Kindly.
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K. Kreouzis, author of "SEO Master Using the Power of WordPress"

Konstantinos Kreouzis is a professional web designer and developer, occupied on the web marketing for more than 10 years. His job is to consult his customers on how to promote their businesses through the internet by using SEO techniques to attract visitors to their website. His long business experience during the many years of personal research led to specialized knowledge on the internet promotion field, which he shares with all of you in his latest publication of SEO Master Using The Power of WordPress, providing techniques and Google High Ranking Tricks. His knowledge in this field has helped his clients to sell products and services much more quickly and easily since their web sites held a better position in the Google search results page than their competitors’. In 2012 and after twelve years of professional success and experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) he decided to write a guide ebook on how anyone can create an SEO friendly website quickly, easily and free of charge through the use of WordPress (Content Management System). He also explains how to operate and promote your web site so that it holds the best possible position in the Google Search Results Page.


It's a well-written book. Text is very easy to follow. It has many nice examples with images to explain core functions. This book is a must read for anyone who is serious about building a search engine optimized website. It has a good mix of theory and examples. Read this book cover to cover, and do it all yourself. After reading it I'm pretty sure you will come out an SEO expert. I was able to follow along without any issues. Well worth the investment, and actually a very fun read as well.
Wed Photographer
A very good and informative book for those with little to no web design and search engine optimization experience. Each chapter in the book is short and to the point on a specific topic. The author starts with simple topics and build towards more complex topic. There is a really good mix of reading and little coding examples to follow along with which keeps each topic from getting boring or too abstract. The example code blocks are in bold which makes it easier follow along. I highly recommend buying this book.
Kristian Perrone
I got this book, and I literally started reading it on my couch. It's that easy to pick up. The great thing is, it goes over everything very thoroughly, and answers all the questions that were floating around in my head from the other methods I tried. I'm truly thankful for the completeness of this book, and also how current it is. I can describe this book with a single word. Complete! I highly recommend this book as a foundation laying book for SEO beginners.
Brian Varshal
It is my first search engine optimization book. Excellent book for fully beginners like me. It's easy to follow and the explanations are very understandable. I bought the Kindle version and like it very much.
John Campbell