In Post Ads Pro for WordPress (Advertising)

In Post Ads for WordPress gives you the ability to insert advertising units inside the body of your posts or pages using a simple shortcode. You can use ads from popular ad networks like Google Adsense, or you can create your own ads from images.

If you ever need to change the ad that is being displayed, you can simply change the ad code once in the settings and it will update automatically everywhere that shortcode is being used.

This lets you easily manage ad units on your site without limiting yourself to posting ads in your blog’s sidebar, footer, or header of your site. Those areas aren’t where your reader’s eyes spend the most time, so don’t hide your money making ads in those dark corners!

Konstantinos Kreouzis
Konstantinos Kreouzis
Konstantinos Kreouzis is a professional web designer and developer, occupied on the web marketing for more than 14 years. His job is to consult his customers on how to promote their businesses through the internet by using SEO techniques to attract visitors to their website. His long business experience during the many years of personal research led to specialized knowledge on the internet promotion field, which he shares with all of you in his latest publication of SEO Master Using The Power of Wordpress, providing techniques and Google High Ranking Tricks.

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